Problems with mutt & gnupg 1.2.1 on solaris 8 x86

Carl B. Constantine
Tue Jan 28 19:18:02 2003

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Actually, there are two problems. One is general gnupg and one is
specific to my solaris install at work.

1) if a user types gpg --gen-key for the very first time, gnupg creates
the ~/.gnupg dir, the pubring.gpg file, the random_seed, and the
gpg.conf but fails to create the secring.gpg file. This happened to me
on my RedHat install and my solaris install. I had to "touch
~/.gnupg/secring.gpg" and then generate the key pair.

2) I'm using mutt 1.4 with gnupg. The .muttrc file from my home machine
(which I'm using right now) is exactly the same as my .muttrc for my
work machine (Solaris 8 for x86). However, when I try to sign a message
at my work machine, I type in the passphrase and get the following
error: "Can't open PGP subprocess!: Invalid argument (errno =3D 22).  any
ideas as to why this is occuring? here are the relevant commands in my
=2Emuttrc that pertain to gnupg|pgp:

unset pgp_replysign     # always sign reply to signed message
unset pgp_show_unusable # Show non-usable keys on the PGP key selection men=
set pgp_timeout=3D1000  # number of seconds to cache passphrase
auto_view text/html text/enriched application/x-gunzip application/postscri=
pt /gif application/x-tar-gz application/pgp-signature image/*

macro pager J "!gpg --keyserver --recv-key " "Get PGP =
Key"macro pager K "!gpg --lsign-key " "Sign PGP Key"

again, I'm using the same commands at work. gnupg is on my path. at home
I'm using BASH, at work tcsh if that helps.

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