Newbie OT? - Not in Kansas Anymore

Bryan Schlegel
Tue Jul 1 16:48:04 2003

Hi All,

I am in the process of implementing an ftp server that has pgp encrypted
files on it.  I would like to use the command line version of gpg for
windows to create a batch process or vbscript that is a scheduled job
and encrypts a named file and then emails the key to the person that is
trying to access the file.  The key should be a new one and generated
every six months.  
- I know how to generate a job or program based on time
- I know how to force an email through scripting

So I guess I have two questions.
1. I don't know is how to use GnuPG for windows by the command line and
I can not find documentation anywhere on how to do this.  I suppose I
need to do some shel scripting to launch the program from the command
line but I can't even figure out what files to use and command line
switches to use on the windows installer package I just downloaded.
Does anyone know of any good sites I can take a look at?  

2. From my research someone that uses regular PGP will be able to
decrypt something that is encrpted by using GnuPG?

I am sorry if I am way off topic but I am starting to go nuts and I
would like to automate this so I don't have to manually generate the

Thanks for any tips.

- Bryan Schlegel