Differing File Sizes & GPG Symmetric Decryption Failure After ~4G

Packard, Matthew Matthew.Packard@Umassmed.edu
Wed Jul 2 15:54:03 2003

David / Everyone,

    Thanks for info - sad to see that I can't recover the file, but, oh 
well. Is there another way to handle a large (>4G) file in the future 
within GPG? Or should I just split each large file into ~3.5G files and 
then GPG them?

Thanks in advance,
Matthew Packard

David Shaw wrote:

> Your current file is going to be unusable.  If the file contents were
> critical, you *might* be able to hack a copy of GnuPG to handle it,
> but if you say it is not a big deal, then it's probably not worth the
> effort.