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John Clizbe
Thu Jul 3 16:43:03 2003

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Aapo Anderson wrote:

> How do should one go about step by step when changing computers (for
> example from pc to laptop, WIN), when one wants to move all his/her secret
> and public keys? If this has been discussed earlier, please point me to it
> (I didn't find anything in the more recent threads).
> Thanks!

You need your keyring files (pubring.gpg, secring.gpg), trustdb.gpg and,
more than likely, your gpg.conf files. Copy them from from one machine's
gpg home directory and restore to the second machine's.

This should work fairly transparently moving between like OS.

The actual mechanics of doing this would vary depending on your use of
media: Floppy, ZIP disk, LS-120 disk, USB stick, network connection,
laplink, ....

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