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Wolfgang Bornath
Fri Jul 4 11:32:04 2003

R.Emory Lundberg wrote:
> There is literally an outbreak of inexperienced administrators of 
> newly-installed Linux hosts that cause more problems for people than an 
> IIS webserver would, say, in the hands of competent administrators.
> The learning curve for Linux isn't as low as it could be yet. This isn't 
> news. People often run as a privileged user to get around having to deal 
> with things they don't have to deal with when they're root. Add to this 
> the installation problems, maintenance, patches, there isn't anything as 
> good as "Windows Update" or "System Update" that I'm aware of outside of 
> RedHat Network - which may be great, but isn't the most user-friendly UI 
> I've ever seen to a patch and update system.

You should read the numerous threads [1] of the last weeks about the 
step of Mandrake Linux to hide 'root' as an option to log into the GUI 
environment. The standard xdm in Mandrake Linux only show user-icons 
as options to login to KDE or GNOME, etc.
There are lots of noobs complaining about that. Given replys that it 
is a Bad Thing(TM) and totally unnecessary they come back and claim 
that's their computer and they can do whatever they want and so on ad 

This shows exactly what you wrote.
The more M$ is scewing the users with new schemes to get their money, 
the more Linux is becomeing userfriendly, the more users come to try 
the alternative and of course thea are carrying with them the mindset 
they have been working with all the time.

Same happened when a people was converted to christian religion. They 
turned (or were turned) to the new religion but all of them inserted 
some or a little of their former religion into their new religious 

Same happened when the US of A were young and all the emigrants came 
from all the various countries. You can't stop that.

This is a thought that could make a Linux user of the first 10 years 

[1] Threads are available in alt.os.linux.mandrake

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