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CL Gilbert
Sat Jul 5 03:50:04 2003

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Johan Wevers wrote:
| CL Gilbert wrote:
|>Outlook is not a BAD program.  It does not matter what MS does, they
|>will always have problems because their programmers are no better than
|>Linux programmers, but their are a lot more people attacking windows
|>software to find bugs.
|>Its not their fault, but it is their problem.
| Of course it is also their fault. When you include too powerfull
| scriptlanguages in a mailclient, something that can start automatically,
| you're just asking for trouble. If Linux mailclients would automatically
| run scripts too I guess there would be many nasty Perlworms running
| arround.

No I totally disagree.  You are suggesting that they should remove a
feature as a solution.  I dont see it that way.  Why dont we all just
stick to text emails if thats the case.

What they are responsible for is making sure the scripts can do no harm.
~ In other words, that they run in a sandbox and have limited abilities.
~ Outlook is not supposed to automatically *run* arbitrary scripts.  When
it does, thats an error.

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