Corporate public key?

Johan Wevers
Wed Jul 9 13:02:02 2003

CL Gilbert wrote:

>Well this begs the question, what exactly do you mean by internet
>*banking*? are you speaking of investment banking? or checking /savings?

When I login via a webbrowser, I can get a list of mutations on my account,
and make on-line payments.

These are things for normal accounts from which you can make payments
to other accounts, get cash from a cash machine with a bank card and
pay with that card in shops (those bank cards have the size of a credit
card, but unlike a credit card your payment is directly, on-line, removed
from your account, and it is also checked if you have enough money to make
that payment). Usually these cards are equipped with a chip that can be
used as an electronic wallet, but I've never used that. I prefer cash,
that always works. I don't know how they handle stocks - I've never owned
them, and am not really interested in that market too.

I've seen my former employer use the same number generator as I have, so
I guess this works for buissines accounts the same.

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