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CL Gilbert
Wed Jul 9 15:11:03 2003

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Joseph Bruni wrote:
| This gets annoying after while, especially if you find yourself needing
| to connect to said server while away from a host that has your private
| key. Being able to fall back to passwords is a nice convenience for most
| circumstances and, unless that Linux server of yours really contains
| sensitive information, I wouldn't worry about a password crack (unless
| you have really easy-to-guess passwords). Having to load your private
| key on a temporary host has its own set of vulnerabilities.
| One thing that would help to slow down a password attack is successive
| increases in delays after each wrong password. Apple's implementation of
| OpenFirmware does that to keep people from trying to brute force that
| password. Perhaps you can configure "login" or "sshd" to do the same? Or
| recommend it to the OpenBSD folks.
| I'm not knocking public-key authentication at all -- I use it almost
| exclusively -- and the ssh-agent makes life really nice. But disabling
| the fallback to passwords seems a bit obtuse, IMHO.
| On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 10:27 AM, CL Gilbert wrote:
|> I have disabled ssh passwords on my Linux box in favor of gpg key logins
|> because they cant be hacked like a pwd.  plus I don't have to remember
|> them as long as I have my key with me.

all these things must be considered before you do this.  but I think the
~ key is more secure than that password.  I know its neglidgible and
probably a little anal though :D  All part of Linux I guess, fun to do
and learn stuff and have my own *way* of doing things.  makes me feel as
if I *know* Linux.

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