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CL Gilbert
Wed Jul 9 22:46:02 2003

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Mark H. Wood wrote:
| On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
|>A really interesting thread!
| Yes!
| [snip]
|>As Neil said: many people will sign the corporate key. This will
probably look
|>ugly on the keyservers, but it doesn't really matter. And I guess the
|>'official' copy as distributed by the company would only include a few
|>signatures (CAs, a few key employees perhaps)
| I think the bank is going to need its own keyserver anyway.  People need
| quick reliable access to those revocation signatures, you know.
| And this leads to a problem I see with using GnuPG, which is a general
| problem but more acute when using the product for business:  key updates.
| I know I can refetch a key whenever I feel the need, but I don't recall
| seeing any way to automagically check for revocations.  I would probably
| refresh a key manually whenever I'm about to communicate something
| critical, but in financial transactions that means "every time".

Auto key refresh, their is a nice idea.  I opt for that.  However, if
you think the keyservers suck now, just u wait :)

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