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Lukasz Stelmach Lukasz Stelmach <>
Fri Jul 11 12:48:02 2003

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 Byla godzina 08:38:42 w Thursday 10 July, gdy do autobusu wsiadl kanar
 i wrzasnal:"Mark H. Wood!!! Bilecik do kontroli!!!" A on(a) na to:

MHW> It sounds like key entries in keyrings need two more attributes:  a
MHW> "refresh before each use" bit, and a list of the best places from whic=
h to
MHW> refresh this entry.  If there's no server list, use the master list fr=
MHW> gpg.conf .

Great idea. But, of course, i want to be able to either override or
turn of that bit e.g. I have no connection to server.

Czym sie cieplo Mark...
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