Twofish, Blowfish no recommended cipher anymore ?!

Johan Wevers
Sun Jul 13 19:25:02 2003

David Shaw wrote:

>The plugin system didn't make it easy to add new algorithms to GnuPG
>(it's free software - you could always add new algorithms).

Of course I can. But with the plugins, it was easier - you didn't have to
recompile gnupg and make changes to lots of files for adding an algorithm.

>Back then, Tiger was the largest hash in GnuPG.  That is no longer
>true.  Tiger is a 192-bit hash.  Today, GnuPG supports SHA-256,
>SHA-384, and SHA-512 - a good bit longer than Tiger.

Support for them is currently read-only, so this support is useless
if you want to really use these hashes. Although I have not (yet)
figured out how difficult it is to change that in the source to rw

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