newpg won't compile (RANT!)

John Aldrich
Mon Jul 14 04:02:02 2003

I can't seem to get "newpg" to compile for me because it can't find 
libgcrypt-config, despite the fact that it's in the same bloody directory as 
I'm trying to freakin' compile newpg!
This is driving me bug-nuts because I can't use PGP/GPG in KMail w/o using a 
plugin now, and the freakin' plugins aren't available as "drop-in" packages, 
and I can't compile the stupid plugins because they refuse to recognize that 
pre-requisite programs are installed!
Why the bloody hell can't someone fix this stupid thing!?!? I'm sure I'm not 
the first person who can't compile newpg!
I apologize, but I've tried installing libgcrypt from a pre-compiled package 
and when that didn't work, I built a package from the tarball (using 
"checkinstall") and when THAT didn't work, I copied the libgcrypt-config to 
my /usr/local directory and when THAT didn't work, I copied the 
libgcrypt-config to the directory where I was TRYING to build newpg!
Now, will SOMEONE please tell me how to fix this broken package? I'm not 
exactly your average bozo who just picked up a RedHat CD and installed it! 
I've been running linux for about 3-4 years now and been building packages 
for about half that long and long since learned to install from a tarball, 
but this is ridiculous!
I'm trying to build "newpg-0.9.4" and I have "libgcrypt-1.1.12" installed and 
"libksba-0.4.7-1" installed. Newpg is the next step according to the "how-to" 
instructions from KDE on getting encryption working and I can't build the 
bloody package if it refuses to find the prerequisites!
As I have mentioned before, this is a RH9.0 system. I upgraded from RH 8.0 and 
have upgraded ALL the KDE packages and everything even remotely related!
Thanks for your time and assistance and my apologies for the rant, but I have 
to get this off my chest!