newpg won't compile (RANT!)

John Aldrich
Mon Jul 14 14:51:02 2003

On Monday 14 July 2003 03:13 am, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 22:04:10 -0400, John Aldrich said:
> > I can't seem to get "newpg" to compile for me because it can't find
> > libgcrypt-config, despite the fact that it's in the same bloody directory
> > as
> You need to run "make install" for libgcrypt (as root), do an ldconfig
> as the make output indicates and finally  make sure that
> /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH.
Werner, please re-read the section where I said I've been using linux for over 
4 years now and building packages, etc for most of that. I *think* I know how 
to install a file. Granted, I prefer to use RPMs so that I can 
uninstall/upgrade, so I am using "checkinstall" to build / install, but I 
*am* doing it as root.
> > This is driving me bug-nuts because I can't use PGP/GPG in KMail w/o
> > using a plugin now, and the freakin' plugins aren't available as
> > "drop-in" packages, and I can't compile the stupid plugins because they
> > refuse to recognize that pre-requisite programs are installed!
> If libgcrypt-config can not be found, libgcrypt is not installed
> properly and thus the other configure scripts rightly can't be run
> successfully.
Werner, again, I really think there's something else going on here, as I *am* 
building these packages as root, and "/usr/local/bin" is in my path AND I've 
manually run "ldconfig" about a dozen times since trying to build the 
freakin' package.... could you PLEASE try to be a bit more helpful???