Keyservers and subkeys

Jason Harris
Tue Jul 15 15:24:02 2003

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On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 09:38:41AM +0200, Johan Parin wrote:

> I recently made a key with the following structure (used to sign this
> message):
> 4096R
> 1024D
> 4096g

[NB:  keyserver mailing list CC'd]

The key seems to be:

pub  4096R/FC7A4EF0 2003-06-25 Johan Parin <>
     Key fingerprint =3D A5EC D7BD FA2F 2CEF 925A  FA8F 7A0C 8365 FC7A 4EF0
sub  1024D/9B2958B0 2003-06-25
     Key fingerprint =3D 9D19 2F66 9919 1012 4BE2  7F07 0570 C490 9B29 58B0
sub  4096g/287E0AFC 2003-06-25
     Key fingerprint =3D 6BE8 8BAC 9B0C FE19 E6F7  745D EA56 7C95 287E 0AFC

pub:-:4096:1:7A0C8365FC7A4EF0:2003-06-25:::-:Johan Parin <johan.parin@abc.s=

> I uploaded it to but the encryption key was
> missing. Uploaded it instead to ldap:// and now I
> can download it if I search for the primary RSA ID. However, I'm not
> able to download it if searching for the DSA subkey 9B2958B0 (used to
> sign this message), even if I specify the long key ID. I've tried

(You must have hit a SKS keyserver for that because
didn't have the signatures for both subkeys until I reuploaded a copy
of your key (from  (Yaron has known about this deficiency,
but apparently still needs to correct it.))

Searching ldap:// for the subkeys by fingerprint
doesn't work either.  Perhaps this combination of keys and subkeys
triggers a bug.  ldap:// appears to have the same
problem, unfortunately.

> ldap://
> ldap://
> hkp://
> Those have been given on this list as servers able to search for
> subkeys.

Normally the LDAP servers can, but the pks and SKS servers behind
hkp:// can't yet search for subkeys, although they
all do store them properly.

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