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Thu Jul 17 18:01:03 2003

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vedaal@hush.com wrote:
> CL Gilbert wrote:
>> Is their a way I can modify gpg or use a special key or some such
>>  to get gpg to encode as opposed to encrypting?  Like simply 
>> increase the ascii value of all chars by 1.  Or something simple 
>> like that, just as a fun exercise?
> you could use the --enarmor command, or, -a --store,
> it will just ascii armor encode the file, and not encrypt, and does
>  not need any key or passphrase
> then if you want, you can do the 'fun' transformation on the ascii 
> armored message block afterwards { rot-1,  rot-2,  rot-13,  or even
>  rot-26  ;-)  }

I agree. Just use a quickie perl script or something to do the 
encoding. At the bottom of this page 
(http://forums.devshed.com/archive/6/2002/05/4/36359) is an example 
that even does a ROT-5 on the numerics and reverses everything.

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