Bridging the OpenPGP, Thawte and CA Cert webs of trust

Ben Pollinger
Thu Jul 17 20:30:02 2003

Forwarding this to the list on behalf of Michael Daigle
 - - - - - - - -

I have set up a semi-formal PGP web of trust which attempts to bridge
together CA Cert and Thawte web of trust notaries to provide users
with a web of enthusiastic and sincere individuals who they might
trust [marginally] as introducers.

The project has been getting positive feedback and there are now two
additional notaries beside myself (in the two weeks before launch).
The project assumes a "marginals needed" as three, as so equates to
around 50 trust points - the same CA Cert and Thawte require to embed
your name in your certificate. [Realizing of course that some users
may grant full trust to notaries]

If you are a Thawte notary and use OpenPGP, and would be interested in
joining this organized web of introducers, please contact me directly
or visit for more information.

Mike Daigle