Can you unlock sent messages ?? Somehow ??

CL Gilbert
Fri Jul 18 04:54:02 2003

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darren chamberlain wrote:
| * Stone, Darryll <Darryll.Stone at> [2003-07-17 10:05]:
|>If someone in an organization used GPG and then left the company, and
|>you had to give a copy of all emails that that individual had ever
|>sent , how can you unlock all of the encrypted messages?? specially if
|>your email is an actual record that you have to keep... is there
|>somewhere you can send a pst file to be unencrypted??
| Did this person leave a copy of the secret key with which the mail was
| encrypted, and the passphrase for that key?  If not, you are most likely
| out of luck.

most likely?  Most assuredly!

That is quite interesting.  You are supposed to save emails if you work
at certain institutions like financial institutions.  But does it
specify that they should be unencrypted?  Sometimes laws are slow about
these technical things.

| (darren)

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