Invalid passphrase

John Aldrich
Sat Jul 19 01:07:04 2003

I *know* what I set the passphrase to on my PGP keys, but after upgrading to 
the "new and improved" GPG-Plugin, I can no longer use my GPG keys. It keeps 
telling me that I don't have a passphrase entered and automatically tries to 
send encrypted/signed emails, EVEN T HOUGH I DO NOT HAVE "AUTO-SIGN" ENABLED!

What the heck is the problem here, people? I manually compiled everything from 
the tarballs using the command-line options specified on the KMail site and 
have got the Daemon running, so why does it 1) refuse to recognize my 
passphrase and 2) always assume I want to sign and/or encrypt my emails when 
I have it set to NOT sign/encrypt by default?

This is being cross-posted to the gnupg-users and the kmail list because I'm 
not sure where the problem lies. It *was* working up until I used the new 
"plugin" scheme, at which point I was able to add a key for a new email 
address, but I can no longer use my valid passphrase for my other keys.

This is getting REALLY aggravating REALLY quickly and I'd really appreciate 
some help on this!