Invalid passphrase

John Aldrich
Sat Jul 19 21:07:03 2003

On Saturday 19 July 2003 01:00 pm, you wrote:
> I'm afraid you sent an encrypted message to the list?
Yeah... I know. I'm having NO end of problems with encryption/signature. I'=
not sure which list I sent this to, so I'll send it to all the lists and=20
individuals I sent it to previously.
Please ignore the part about configuring it not to encrypt / sign by=20

On Saturday 19 July 2003 08:03 am, Ingo Kl=F6cker wrote:
> [The correct mailing list for this is So please send
> followups only to this address.]
Thanks. Will do.
> Did you properly configure the plugins? About the passphrase problem:
> Please use pinentry-gtk if pinentry-qt doesn't work for you (which
> seems to be the case). Please run to following command in a terminal
> where you started gpg-agent resp. where the GPG_AGENT_INFO environment
> variable is known:
>   echo Test | gpg --clearsign
> Does this work?
No. Obviously it's trying to use an old key that I no longer have the=20
passphrase for.... and I don't know enough about GPG/PGP to tell it to no=20
longer use that key... I have several other keys.
> BTW, you are obviously using KMail 1.5. Please update to KMail 1.5.2
> (KDE 3.1.2).
Hmm... are there RPMs available for 1.5.2? I haven't seen them anywhere...
> > What the heck is the problem here, people? I manually compiled
> > everything from the tarballs using the command-line options specified
> > on the KMail site and have got the Daemon running, so why does it 1)
> > refuse to recognize my passphrase
> Did you actually get a chance to enter your passphrase? This is not
> clear to me. If your passphrase contains non-ASCII characters then this
> might be a reason.
Nope. Never got asked unless I specified the internal GPG handling in which=
case I got "invalid passphrase" errors.
> > and 2) always assume I want to sign
> > and/or encrypt my emails when I have it set to NOT sign/encrypt by
> > default?
> Again, please check the configuration of the _plugin_. Most of the
> settings on the OpenPGP page only affect the built-in OpenPGP support.
Hmm....Ok. And what configurations would those be? Please keep in mind that=
I've not been following this topic since you guys decided to move GPG suppo=
out of KMail itself and into a plugin.