Deliberate false signatures in spam?

Jason Harris
Mon Jul 21 23:21:02 2003

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On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 03:48:11PM -0500, Kyle Hasselbacher wrote:

> I wonder if SpamAssassin can do multi-line patterns.  If so, you could get
> it to match PGP signatures more strictly.  That would have stopped this,

If not, one could add separate checks for
/^-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----$/ and/or MIME-wrapped,
PGP-signed content.

> but not a more carefully created fake.  To make it really work, you'd have
> to be able to really verify the signature.

At most, I'd send it through pgpdump[.net] and see if it produces
a keyid.  If it does, I'd be willing to investigate further, block
messages purportedly signed by certain keys, etc.  However, I wouldn't
automatically run GPG to check incoming messages.

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