FW: Diminished Disk Space after running file encryption

Ronald Thorp Ron@Fox-Pros.com
Tue Jul 22 14:39:13 2003

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I posted a few days ago.  Problem was my disk space plumetted after
running GnuPG under WinPT (under Win 98SE) and remained very low (posted
a few days ago).

I have found where the disk space went - I think!  As I mentioned I was
running GnuPG from WinPT which I invoked from a file management program
called Directory Opus (via a right click of the mouse - menu - select
WinPT options etc.).  I have just found six files totalling 1,477 Mb in
the Opus program files directory all created on the day I started having
the problems with similarly prefixed names (to each other) and sizes
similar to the files that I was encrypting/trying to encrypt.  I have
renamed these and run the Opus program with no ill effects.  I do not
know why the Opus program itself did not list these files when I
searched (using it!) for files greater than 50Mb as the smallest is 160Mb.

Anyway I have now deleted them all and regained my spare capacity - and 
enhanced as I was forced to clear out a load of other stuff to get some 
free space!

Many thanks to all that tried to help - I'm still unsure why these files
were created and left on the system but at least I know where to look
from now on!


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