Revoke old keys

Ben Finney
Thu Jul 24 07:24:02 2003

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On 24-Jul-2003, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> Now - over the times - I wonder if I can revoke those keys [without a
> passphrase].

No.  Without the correct passphrase, you cannot generate a revocation
certificate for the key.

> Is there any chance how I could delete or revoke them? I only have the
> public parts of those keys, of course. The secret parts are long
> vanished into data nirvana.

You can delete any keys, public or private, from your keyring with 'gpg
--edit key DEADBEEF' where DEADBEEF is the key ID.  (Check the help in
that mode for how to switch between secret and public keyring, and how
to delete keys.)

Obviously, you can't delete it from anyone else's keyring.

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