Script with sensitive info

Steve Butler
Thu Jul 24 17:22:02 2003

UnixWare used to check the SUID and GUID bits on an script which I used so
that the script could read files that the user invoking the script couldn't.
For Linux I wrote a C program to emulate that when invoking a script.  

It means doing double de-referencing and that the user can't own the scripts
that read the data.  So far it has kept the developers from figuring out the
database passwords being used by the production scripts.

It is a hassle though having to read their scripts and then changing the
ownership (I read them to be sure they are not planting a "Cuckoo's Egg"

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On 23-Jul-2003/15:48 -0600, Joseph Bruni <> wrote:
>Make it executable but not readable.

Linux does not support that for scripts. You can only execute a script if
it is readable.

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