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John Clizbe
Thu Jul 24 20:25:01 2003

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Ren Xiaolei wrote:

> Hello,gnupg-users,
> 	I want to build a keyserver on the Windows platform. Which software
> should I use? Certainly, it needs to be free to use because I've no money
> to buy a commerical software.
> Best Regards.

I think you're in for some rather extensive porting. Most of the freely
available keyserver packages were initially developed & hosted on *nix
platforms. And while some of the tools required (gcc, awk, Ruby, OCaml,
gdbm, BerkeleyDB) have been ported to Win32, I have not seen nor heard
evidence of full success getting a keyserver ported to Win32.

Some links you may find useful:

# OpenPKSD (SQL Backend and written in ruby)
# pks (old) cf.
# CryptNET implementation (PgSQL)
# pks + patch (the most used and quite
	active for dev.)
# sks (written in ocaml)

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