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CL Gilbert
Fri Jul 25 17:54:01 2003

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David Shaw wrote:
| On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 11:03:23PM -0400, CL Gilbert wrote:
|>David Shaw wrote:
|>|>the key is available on kjsl or mit today.  Its pgp 6.5.8. the tool
|>|>available on the mit site.
|>| What happens if you try it with PGP 7 or 8?
|>| David
|>don't know, the ones on the mit site is 6.5.8, and its called freeware.
|>~ I was under the impresison I would have to pay for anything else...
| No, both PGP 7 and 8 have free versions.  (Free as in cost, not free
| as in freedom).
| David

I just installed version 8x and its still showing my key about to
expire.  How does one change the expiration date, or what actually
happens?  This is the signing key that is expiring along with the
encryption key.  gpg shows the expiration as never.

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