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John B
Fri Jul 25 18:15:01 2003

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On Friday 25 July 2003 06:37, David Shaw wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 11:11:57PM -0500, John B wrote:
> >   Another thing, this is sidetracking, I looked up 'John Aldrich' on
> > a keyserver, and got back a good amount of names, 5 or 6 (more or
> > less) of them were 'John Aldrich', and the other 10 or so, were
> > completely different names, but every single one of those other
> > names, had the same *exact* key ID (not of John's key ID, but to
> > each other 'except' John)!  Can anyone explain that to me please?
> > Why/how can all these people have the same exact key ID?
> Probably multiple user IDs on a single key.  I looked on the keyserver
> to confirm this, but I only saw three "John Aldrich"es.
> David

  Wow! That's all you saw? If I find the keyserver I used to do the search,=
I'll put up a couple screenshots on my (cruddy) little website.
  As for multiple people on one key...why would someone want to do that?
  Also, the keyserver I used to look this up was , and if someo=
knows why a name with *no* keys would be on the keyserver, and why does it=
crash kgpg when it's clicked on? The Name is Jim Francis.
  I've got the snapshots up if anyone is curious and/or not seeing the sane=
thing(s) I am:=20


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