difficult problems with 1.2.2 win cli

Gill, John John.Gill@tgslc.org
Fri Jul 25 19:13:02 2003

I'm having an annoying problem with gpg1.2.2 for windows.

Using the following batch file

"C:\DEV\crypto\gpg.exe" --homedir "C:\DEV\crypto" --batch --logger-fd 1
--gen-key "C:\DEV\crypto\opts.dat"

and the following options file


Key-Type: DSA
Key-Length: 1024
Subkey-Type: ELG-E
Subkey-Length: 2048
#Subkey-Confirm: y
Expire-Date: 0
Name-Real: genkey
Name-Comment: Comment
Name-Email: Email
Passphrase: Passphrase
%pubring C:/DEV/crypto/37827.4753785069
%secring C:/DEV/crypto/37827.4753785069.sec

If I run this in a "clean directory with only the gpg exe's in the directory
with the genkey.bat and opts.dat file I'll get a Dr. Watson error about 8
times out of 10 

OS is win2k sp 3

Is there anything I can do, or am I out of luck?

John W Gill