Revoke a public key w/o the secret key?

Charly Avital
Fri Jul 25 20:24:02 2003

Even when revoked, a key will keep on floating around in the servers.

Without the associated secret key *and* the corresponding passphrase, you=
cannot generate a revoke for the public key.

If you really want the world at large to know that this particular key=20
should not be used when encrypting to you, you might insert some=20
appropriate comment in your valid public key's uid, either disclaiming the=
former key (ID), or qualifying the valid key as the "only" valid one.=20
Clumsy, but...
My 2=A2
On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:47:59 -0600 (MDT), Dan Egli Revoke a public key w/o=
the secret key? wrote:
> Is this possible? Reason I'm asking is I found that some PGP Keyservers=
> are still floating an old key of mine around that was SOPOSED to have bee=
> revoked some time ago. I don't have the associated secret key anymore so =
> cannot generate a revoke by simply using gpg --gen-revoke. Is there a way=
> to generate a revoke certificate w/o having the secret key?
> --- Dan