key fingerprints - a practice question

John A. Martin
Mon Jul 28 14:07:07 2003


>>>>> "Adrian" == Adrian von Bidder
>>>>> "Re: key fingerprints - a practice question"
>>>>>  Mon, 28 Jul 2003 10:20:47 +0200

    Adrian> for 'I send this encrypted mail to the same guy who always
    Adrian> posts on this mailing list' sort of identification, it
    Adrian> suffices - especially since there is no need to really
    Adrian> identify the person behind the mail address, it's only
    Adrian> important that it's the same person.

    Adrian> Hope you get what I mean

That seems to be an extraordinary difficult concept for many folks to

When the 'persona' first appeared I thought it would solidify the
notion of a network identity without necessarily a connection to
the real world.  I must have been mistaken for it seems that the
notion of a 'persona' is employed differently than that.

I am not sure what is to be understood by _persona_ in the PGP
context.  Would someone care to enlighten me?


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