GPG decryption within shell scripts.

Anyabwile, Ayi Q
Tue Jul 29 12:59:09 2003


We're using GPG v1.0.6 for pgp encryption, using several vendor's public
keys. We now been requested to provide our public key to certain vendors,
which will require us to decrypt incoming files. The encryption/decryption
commands are embedded within shell scripts, which are run as batch jobs from
a job scheduler. We've run the decryption commands from the command line, as
a test (in a shell window), and were prompted for the pass-phrase of the
secret key; all works fine. However, how can we run the decryption commands
from within the shell, as a batch job? Is there a way to have the
pass-phrase stored in a file, "encrypted" (or something)?

What's the best way to set up decryption from a shell script without having
to place the text of the pass-phrase within the script itself?

Thank you much,

Ayi  Anyabwile
Sr. Systems Programmer
SCS UNIX Server Operations/Support
GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.,  Research Triangle Park, NC
(919) 483 - 5709