Adding new UID problems.

Stewart V. Wright
Tue Jun 3 14:45:02 2003

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I have just added a new UID to my keys and sent them off to the
keyservers.  The problem is that this new UID (or something I did) has
corrupted one of my keys (but not the other).

My two keys are a signing key (0x682B44D6), and my everyday key
(0xB3334559).  My 0x682B44D6 key is purely a DSA signing key, whilst
the 0xB3334559 key has three sub-keys (two DSA and one ElGamal).

I was using v1.2.1 (*) and switched on a signing policy.  I added the
new UID and cross signed my keys.

When I tried to update my 0xB3334559 key via I get the
following error:

Public Key Server -- Add

Key block added to key server database.
  Primary userid's changed: 1
Your key block contained 5 format errors,
which were treated as if the erroneous elements
hadn't been part of your submission.
The last error was on key 0x0445b8e9:
Key block corrupt: more than one signature on subkey
********************************************************** doesn't complain if I try to update there, but I do
get errors when importing in the ASCII armor from this server:

gpg: key B3334559: invalid subkey binding
gpg: key B3334559: invalid subkey binding
gpg: key B3334559: public key "Stewart V. Wright <>" imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1

For what it's worth, my gpg.cfg is

keyserver x-hkp://
keyserver-options honor-http-proxy

The strange thing is that the "--armor"ed file that I generate gets
accepted without concern by GnuPG 1.2.1 and 1.2.3-cvs.

Could this problem be a result of the openpgp option?

Is there anything I can do to recover my key, or should I revoke and
start from scratch?



(*) as those of us stuck on RedHat 7.3 systems can't compile the CVS
version as our autoconf, automake and aclocal are too old.  Hint, hint!

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