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CL Gilbert
Wed Jun 4 01:20:02 2003

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I am going to list my thoughts and please let me know when I go astray.

My top level key is 0x80D20A2D, it is a DH/DSS key pair.  It expires
9/14/03.  Which part of this key is the secret part, and which is the
public part? or is it not broken down like that?

I seem to have a sub key.  I assume that is the one that is for
encryptioni.  While the top key is for signatures.  I hear someone
mention that is so I can expire the encryption key while I keep the main
top level key?  is this right?  The sub key has a different ID
0x751c3bf9.  also expires on 9/14/03.

This is all published stuff so you all can probably see it.

I have 2 IDs on the key.

(1). Carl L. Gilbert <>
(2)  CLG <>

I have read the FAQs and even went through about 4 months of this
newsgroup, didnt google though...What is the point of the sub IDs?  Does
my main top key have to have an ID attached to it?

When I send an email like this one, I am signing with my top level key?
~ Is it somehow associated with a particular sub ID?
I sign others IDs with my top level key? is that associated with a
particular sub level ID?

should I not have my top level key expire, but only the sub keys somehow?

So no matter which ID you see in the sig, its signed with the same key?

Thanks for your pointers, I know my questions probably sound weird.


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