Multiple Keyservers

Thorsten Haude
Wed Jun 4 06:26:06 2003

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* Ash Varma <> [2003-06-04 02:46]:
>I have an automatic script that I call from mutt to automatically
>retrieve signing keys from a keyserver.

Are these the keys you need to verify the current mail? You don't need
a script for that, GPG can do it for you.

>I wanted to know if it is possible to use multiple keyservers in my
>query, so if the key is not registered with one server, I can search

With you script you could easily do so, since gpg(1) returns an error
if the key is not found.

>Not really sure if searching for keys in this fashion is a good idea. If
>not, please advise with an explanation.

The keyservers are supposed to be share their data. If you don't want
to query a server with a special customer base, this won't get any
better results.

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