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John B
Wed Jun 4 06:51:02 2003

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On Tuesday 03 June 2003 21:44, CL Gilbert wrote:


> So we are assuming that I would not sign a key, unless i owned the key?
> This may be too deep of a question but, what makes it a self-sign?  Does
> the ID share something specific that already attaches it to the signing
> key, so when its signed it becomes obvious that the key is self-signed.
> ~ Can I identify this quality manually?
> I ask because I am moving into Linux world, and am on command line now.
> ~ so I need to know the nitty gritty since I don't have a PGP GUI helping
> me out, and I can not get a GUI on RH8 unless i compile...

  You can use any number of very good gui's for gpg. My two personal favori=
are kgpg and gpa. If you go to , they have the gui frontends=
listed there, along with places to download the tarballs and/or rpm's (I=20
always prefer to use a src.rpm, and build it on my own system, it's=20
easy...just su to root, and type in the console: =20
  rpm --rebuild <file>.src.rpm

  Just look for the line that says 'wrote' near the end and that's where th=
fresh new rpm is placed, then just cd into that directory and do:

  rpm -ivh <file>.rpm

  Or if you just want to not mess with that, just download the rpm already=
made and install it. There were a few links to places that had already made=
rpm's for mandrake and redhat, just get the very latest one and you should =
good to go.

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