Newbie question - how to include the passphrase in the command

Wolfgang Bornath
Thu Jun 5 13:45:02 2003

** Ping Kam (Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2003 07:11)
> I am not hard coding them into the cmd file.  They will be parameters
> in the cmd file.
> I am creating a Windows GUI  interface which the operator enters the
> userid and password to logon, choose the files, the program then uses
> ShellExecute to execute the command file and pass the parameters.
> The user may choose more than one file.  I don't want the user to
> re-enter the passphrase again for every file.  Does this make sense?

Yes. Would be nice to add a time limit how long passphrase stays in 
memory so that the passphrase will be wiped from memory even if user 
forgets to logout.

> Can you answser now?

Sorry, but I already told that I can't. I just wanted to point out the 
security issues.

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