Newbie question - how to include the pass phrase in the command

Eugene Smiley
Thu Jun 5 18:46:02 2003

Ping Kam wrote:=20
> I have two question though.
> First, how to remove the pass phrase?

You edit your key using 'gpg --edit-key <keyid>'. At the command=20
prompt you type 'passwd' and enter the passphrase. It'll ask for
the new passphrase; just hit enter. You need to repeat it. You'll=20
get a warning message -- "You don't want a passphrase - this is=20
probably a *bad* idea! Do you really want this?" Type Y and enter.

> Can I still sign the encyption?  I don't want to remove the pass
> phrase and then find out that I can't sign the file without the
> pass phrase and now I can't restore the pass phrase.

This doesn't affect signing, except for not being asked for a=20
passphrase. Signing/Encrypting still occurs.

You can restore the passphrase using the same method. Be aware=20
that any backups of your keys (you do have backups, right?) will
have the passphrase the key had at the moment it was backed up.
To keep from forgetting changed passphrases, I refresh my backups
with the new key(s).