Newbie question - how to include the pass phrase in the command

Steve Butler
Thu Jun 5 20:24:02 2003

I'd change this from:

echo %1|gpg  --encrypt --output %2.asc --armour --recipient
our_own_userid --encrypt-to the_recipient_userid --passphrase-fd 0 %2

To this <<all on one line>>:

echo %1 | gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --armour --recipient %3 --encrypt-to
<<our_own_userid>> --sign --output %2.asc --encrypt %2

Then invoke it:

my_gpg "my passphrase" my_file to_whom_it_concerns

Of course, that's without a blank passphrase.

If your passphrase is blank, then the following should work:

gpg --armour --recipient %1 --encrypt-to <<our_own_userid>> --sign --output
%2.asc --encrypt %2

Then invoke it:

my_gpg  to_whom_it_concerns   my_file

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