Phil Zimmermann interview

John B
Sun Jun 8 16:48:01 2003

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On Sunday 08 June 2003 08:58, Ben Finney wrote:
> On 08-Jun-2003, pplf wrote:
> > PRZ - There is a place for products under different licenses. There is
> > a place for products under the GNU GPL, also cryptographic products.
> > However, GNU GPL is not enough for everyone's needs. Some software
> > needs to be sold for profit.
> Saying it doesn't make it so.
> Phil did a great thing by releasing PGP 1.0, then trumped himself by
> fighting a battle that we all needed to have won.  He earns massive
> karma points for these acts, and we are all indebted to him in ways most
> of us cannot begin to repay.
> Doesn't necessarily mean he knows squat about software freedom, though.

  Absolutely correct. I too have great respect for the man for what he did,=
but here he seems to think nobody is smarter or has the ability to do this=
work better or as well as he did with it full time. Of course too, he has t=
try and let the world know that PGP is 'better', just *because* it's not fr=
(he has to keep the money rolling in somehow, heh).

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