gpg usage w/ pine

RJ Marquette
Mon Jun 9 23:24:36 2003

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Bob Holtzman wrote:

> No luck. I even tried adding my email address to the encrypt and
> sign+encrypt filers. was this a mistake? The filters are now:
> display-filters  = _LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----")_ /usr/bin/gpg-check
>                     _LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----")_ /usr/bin/gpg-check
> sending-filters  = /usr/bin/gpg-sign
>                    /usr/bin/gpg-encrypt _RECIPIENTS_
>                    /usr/bin/gpg-sign+encrypt _RECIPIENTS_

Have you tried _LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP ")_ /usr/bin/gpg-check?

I know we talked about this before, but I really think "_BEGINNING" is
what you want here--the difference is that _LEADING only matches the first
non-whitespace line while _BEGINNING will catch any line in the message
with that.

> There are still no filters offered. filters offered?  Are you saying the "display" filter is working

For the sending filter, I just did a little test:  I changed the name of
the filter program to be misspelled.  When I did, the Send command didn't
offer me the filter because the file it was pointing to didn't exist.
Are you sure you're pointing to the correct gpg-sign location?

Also, have you tried putting the gpg-sign in quotes?

RJ  <G>  :)

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