zip encryption?

Martin Bretschneider
Tue Jun 10 00:03:02 2003

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Daniel Carrera <> wrote:

Hi Daniel,

> On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 11:16:00AM -0400, CL Gilbert wrote:
> > Do you think public key encryption alal gpg could be used with
> > bzip or some other zip so that zipped files could be opened by
> > passing them the private key?
> How is that different from what gpg currently does?
> GnuPG compresses files before encrypting them to reduce redundancy.

Yep, I tested this with a very mixed folder (i.e. wordprossing-,
spreadsheet-, HTML-, text-documents and images). Here's the output:

26982400 22. Jan 23:24 directory.tar
14218750 22. Jan 23:24 directory.tar.bz2
17611782 22. Jan 23:23 directory.tar.gpg
17602559 22. Jan 23:23 directory.tar.gz

As you can see, GnuPG uses the gzip-(or zlib)algorithm. You can check
it this way:

$gpg --edit-key YOURKEY-ID

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