Problem =20 [newbie]

Johan Wevers
Tue Jun 10 03:25:01 2003

Ben Branders wrote:

> I'm changing from PGP to GnuPG.  But I ran into some problems.
> Sometimes, there appears '=20' at the end of a line.

That's MIME encoding. Some dumb mailers do that automagically when
8-bit characters are used in a message. =20 is a space.

> And of course: is there a solution to this problem? (the '=20' 
> problem)

If the mailer is neat, it puts the MIME stuff in an attachment, which you
can possibly decrypt. If not, you can either construct the correct MIME
headers by hand and decrypt it, or replace all those =XX's by the correct
characters. (A nasty one is the =3D for a simple "=" sign).

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