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CL Gilbert
Tue Jun 10 16:46:02 2003

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John wrote:
| On Monday 09 June 2003 09:52, CL Gilbert wrote:
|>I have gpg 1.2.2 using netscape 1.3.1 and enigmail.  I got a SPAM email,
|>and when I click on it, it pops up a box asking for my gpg password,
|>suggesting that the 5 minutes have timed out.  I have message body as
|>simple HTML set.  yet this is poping up anyway.  Is their some possible
|>legitimate reason why I am being asked for the password to my secret
|>key?  Of course the pwd is no good unless they key is also possesed,
|>which only I have.  So I am sort of shocked by this.  Any ideas?
|>I think I will post to enigmail group this question as well.
|>Thanks for tips.  Oh, and I can forward to email to anyone that wants to
|>see if it does it on their comp too.
|   I don't think it's anything bad or wrong, *but*, just to make sure
you don't
| have a trojan that does keylogging, go here and download and run
| as root in a console (make sure you read the readme and/or
install.txt, to
| compile it correctly):
|   John
I am pretty sure I am trojan free.  But Ill keep that in mind.  Just
wondering if it were possible the email was causing it or if it were
some mozilla/enigmail bug.  Its still doign it so I am not real sure.
seems plain enough, but the signature is funny.
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