Fw: Re: Virtual Keysignings

Philippe Teuwen philippe.teuwen@ael.be
Wed Jun 11 11:25:02 2003

> Donc  le  keysigning  en 2  phase  ne  semble  pas  non plus  le  plus
> rapide... 

(Rem: I'm not subscribed to the gnupg-users ML, I'm reacting on a
message forwarded by a friend of mine)

Yep, true, the biggest problem comes from the fact some people arrive
late and/or without having done their homework.
And using a new, unknown method for keysigning is not a very good idea
because then you need not only to explain your method but also to 
argue and convince, a task that requires energy, time, in short all the
possible benefits from your "revolutionnary" method are gone!
(I'm talking by experience...)

It's quite logical that the classical method (one row) works quite well
if people are busy checking IDs & fingerprints all the time.

The only thing you can easily do to accelerate the process and avoid 
people to queue and wait at the beginning is to make directly a double 
row instead of a single that folds and becomes also double.

Usual way: (B=busy person, W=waiting person)

        <-   BBBBB

Faster method: