gpg/pine/crypto plugins

Charles Logan
Wed Jun 11 11:25:54 2003

Does anyone know if a specific mime type needs to be added to allow messages 
with full encryption (encrypted with cryptplug plugins) to be viewed in a 
reader such as Pine?   Using the 'old' way with inline gpg encryption, all 
works fine with Pine (with the proper display filters) with Pine recognizing 
the message as gpg encrypted, prompt for a passphrase, and display the 
decrypted message if all is correct.  When the 'new' crypto plugin in is 
used, Pine seems unable to recognize the file types, showing 2 parts, a 
"version code Application/PGP-ENCRYPTED"  and an  "encrypted data  
Neither can be directly acted on with Pine, but can be saved, and then 
decrypted and viewed using gpg directly on the saved files.  There seems to 
be some confusion in replies I've received to this question from mail client 
lists.  If my understanding is correct, the 'old' method only encrypts the 
message body, when using the plugins, the entire message content is encrypted 
and attached, as well as a separate signature that is sent as an attachment 
itself.  It seems to me that using the plugin method, all that is failing is 
Pine being able to determine the type of attachment the message contains.
Those knowlegable with Pine and filters have hinted it's a problem with the 
way the filter builds the message, while those more fluent in the plugins say 
that the messages adhere to rfc standards and the mail clients and filters 
will have to adapt.  Meanwhile I remain confused and somewhere in the middle.
For now, knowing which recipients are using Pine and having trouble, we can 
use the inline encryption for messages to them, and use the plugin for others 
using a client that handles the message alright.  If any of this has made 
sense, and if anyone can shed any light, it will be appreciated.