Problem =20 [newbie]

Ivan Boldyrev
Wed Jun 11 11:26:20 2003

On 8404 day of my life Ben Branders wrote:
> I'm changing from PGP to GnuPG.  But I ran into some problems.
> Sometimes, there appears '=20' at the end of a line.  
> (No no, not in my texts, I've seen it in some mails in this 
> mailinglist. 
> Signed mails...).
> Why is that =20 there?

It is space character ' ' in quoted-printable MIME encoding.  Usually
mail agents perform decoding automatically.

Encoding is necessary because some old MTA remove spaces at end of
lines, and signature verification is not possible later.

> I noticed that those mails with '=20' in it, are always verified
> as 'bad'.  Is there a link?

> And of course: is there a solution to this problem? (the '=20' 
> problem)

Use qp-decode util or just replace =20 with ' '.

Ivan Boldyrev

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