Virtual Keysignings

Ingo Klöcker
Wed Jun 11 22:40:28 2003

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On Tuesday 10 June 2003 17:01, CL Gilbert wrote:
> But I disagree that my trust levels would not benefit you.  I would
> never give anyone complete trust unless they were someone I knew
> personally like a co-worker or school-mate, neighbor, etc.  Even
> meeting at a key signing party is not enough.  Hmm, but it appears I
> am using the trust model wrong.  because knowing who someone is does
> not mean you trust them.  Seems like something is missing here.  Be
> nice to give a confidence level on a signature.  Anyway, I cant see
> giving anyone any level of trust unless I knew them personally.=20
> Could you?

Well, I gave those KDE developers that I met a few times on fairs (where=20
we exchanged our fingerprints) marginal trust although I can't say that=20
I know any of them personally. Furthermore I would probably also give=20
other well known Free Software developers some trust if I should ever=20
personally exchange fingerprints with them. Of course one of them could=20
betray me but so could a co-worker or a school-mate. Only death is=20


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