Multiple Keyservers

Thorsten Haude
Wed Jun 11 23:09:01 2003

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* Stewart V. Wright <> [2003-06-05 10:43]:
>> Wouldn't it be easier to augment Mutt's GPG commands with
>>     --no-default-keyring --keyring mutt-pubring.gpg
>Yes and no.
>> Or am I missing something?
>Yes and no.  :-)
>I use muttgpg (the script) for a couple of reasons:
> * I get access to both mutt-pubring.gpg and pubring.gpg
>   (Which admittedly is just a simple change to your suggestion above)
> * I can run gpg easily as mutt would run it, and do keyring
>   maintenance and the like.

That's a feature. You should sell this as a debugging tool.

> * If I want to change how mutt interacts with GnuPG I can do it in
>   one place rather than editing 13(?) seperate commands in my mutt
>   config.  This is tantamount to admitting that I don't trust myself
>   to make the changes correctly everywhere!  :-)=20

You should consider changing your editor.

>Effectively the script makes my life easier (and it doesn't hurt the
>ego to see someone else getting some benefit from it!)

I wrote a replacement for fortune to learn Ruby and a replacement for
grepmail because I'm stupid and stubborn, so I guess I can't blame
you. Have fun with your script!

If you couldn't find any weirdness, maybe we'll just have to make some!
    - Calvin

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