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CL Gilbert
Thu Jun 12 00:43:02 2003

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Lucas Gonze wrote:
|>On Tuesday 10 June 2003 17:01, CL Gilbert wrote:
|>>But I disagree that my trust levels would not benefit you.  I would
|>>never give anyone complete trust unless they were someone I knew
|>>personally like a co-worker or school-mate, neighbor, etc.  Even
|>>meeting at a key signing party is not enough.  Hmm, but it appears I
|>>am using the trust model wrong.  because knowing who someone is does
|>>not mean you trust them.  Seems like something is missing here.  Be
|>>nice to give a confidence level on a signature.  Anyway, I cant see
|>>giving anyone any level of trust unless I knew them personally.
|>>Could you?
| You're mixing up faith that your belief in some fact is correct with faith
| in the fact that some person will act in your interest.  The second is a
| subset of the first.  The PGP web of trust certifies that you have faith
| in the fact that some true name should be associated with some key.
| Of course, people usually just sign the keys of anyone who asks.  I
| suspect that all webs of trust certify that there exists a social
| connection.
| - Lucas

Well as I understand it the gpg trust model is only trust that you
believe the person has a respectable key signing policy.  it has nothing
to do with wether you believe the person is who they say they are.
Thats what signing their key is for.

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