Problem =20 [newbie]

Ingo Klöcker
Sun Jun 15 19:06:03 2003

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On Sunday 15 June 2003 12:31, Johan Wevers wrote:
> You, Ingo [Kl_cker], wrote:
               ^- I hate mail clients that can't handle my name.
> >So? After the third reply even a line which was originally only 72
> > chars long will then be 78 chars long.
> 72 + 3 =3D 75. If you prefer a space between quoted text and the first
> uote char you are still only at 76. Only if you use "> > > " you get
> 78.

So my calculation was correct.

> Besides, you still have some space left on a standard 80-char=20
> wide screen then.

A line in an email message shouldn't excede 80 characters (including the=20
CR+LF which mark the end of the line). 80 - 2 =3D 78.

> Besides, some good editors leave reply markers intact when
> reformatting a paragraph. Joe can do that quite easily.

Yet there will be cases were Joe fails.

> >C'mon. The only problem here is mail clients that can't sign
> > messages themselves and therefore force the user to use an
> > auxiliary application in order to be able to sign messages.
> Yes. And that are probably most of the newsclients. And while elm can
> sign and encrypt, I/m still unable to figure out how to prevent it
> from putting the message in an attachment, and since I got complaints
> about that I encrypt the messages still by hand and mail the
> encrypted file.

It seems elm does the right thing and uses PGP/MIME. Unfortunately that=20
causes problems for a lot of people.

> >A mail client that has built-in OpenPGP of course signs the message
> > after line-wrapping the message text. So no problem here.
> I agree there. I doesn't even have to have openPGP support, as long
> as it doesn't rewrap articles after you save them and call external
> sign/encrypt scripts. IMO mail clients should not rewrap lines anyway
> after I press save or send.


> > I disagree because I received enough backtraces (layouted like a
> > numbered list) which became very unreadable after the backtrace was
> > rewrapped.
> Then the rewrapping algorithm was clearly flawed. Joe can rewrap
> numbered lists correctly, and since it's open source anyone can peep
> how it's done there.

Thanks for the tip. I'll probably have a look at it.


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