WoT Crusade

Huels, Ralf SCORE Ralf.Huels@schufa.de
Tue Jun 17 14:13:03 2003

> > you're not in biglumber yet:
> >
> > =20
> >=20
> http://www.biglumber.com/x/web?sf=3D10793C720726F300B8EC60F95E17
> 3AF16B2974B0;
> >sid=3D6B2974B0
> I've tried to submit my key to biglumber. Biglumber never=20
> sent me the promised confirmation

I don't know about confirmations, but at this moment, you are
listed: http://www.biglumber.com/x/web?sn=3DMichael+Nottebrock

> together with=20
> somebody I've never met before for a=20
> show-me-your-id-and-I'll-show-you-mine=20
> still strikes me as odd.

You'll get used to it ;-)
> Being not a big fan of conferences, exhibitions and other meet,=20
> greet-and-pay-big-bucks-for-it type of events, and being=20
> stuck in germany where people wouldn't give you even the lowest=20
> trust signature despite having worked with you on projects for
> long periods of time,

I don't see what being in Germany should have to do with this.
I've never met a serious OpenPGP user who was unwilling to sign my
key. Too lazy to, maybe, but never actively opposed to it.

> I guess my key will remain rather untouched by other people's=20
> signatures for some time to come.=20

AFAICS, you have not even tried to contact all the Biglumber listings
for your home town ;-)